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"Delaina is a pleasure to work with as a healing practitioner! She is warm, incredibly knowledgeable, highly intuitive and an inspiration in her own right! She has had her own amazing healing journey and is quite adept at leading clients to perfect resources for their needs as well as providing insight and healing along the way!"  — Pati L. (Clinical Director, Rife Machine and Emotional Clearing Client)

Ready to overcome like a rockstar?

Are you struggling with a serious health issue? Does your favorite furry loved one have something to tell you but you just can’t seem to figure it out? Are you dealing with emotional blocks that are keeping you from living your best life?

I can’t wait to meet you! I offer intuitive support and coaching, as well as physical and emotional healing techniques, so that you can live your best life and become an even happier, healthier version of yourself.

Intuitive Coaching

Everyone has an opinion on the “right way” or the “wrong way” to solve a problem. Unfortunately, there is no “standardized” solution that works for everyone. There just isn’t a textbook answer to most of the situations we find ourselves in. If you were able to be in a non-judgmental environment and work out life’s puzzle so you could fit the pieces together in the order that makes sense to you, would you do it?

I offer intuitive coaching and readings for people who are serious about changing their lives while still following their own life path. Intuitive life coaching offers an outside perspective, discussions, reasonable steps and plans that fit your personality to accomplish your life goals and find happiness. Call me today to schedule your intuitive coaching session.

Pet Communication & Healing

My first experience communicating with an animal was so impactful that I decided in that moment that I wanted to be a conduit between humans and their animal companions. Over the years, I’ve uncovered so many reasons a person might want or need to communicate with their fur babies or animal friends. Sometimes, it is as simple as wanting to know if our four-legged friends are happy and healthy If you need to hear what your pet is trying to tell you, or need to correct a behavioral problem, or long to reach beyond the rainbow bridge to communicate one more time with an animal that has passed on, Pet Communication is an amazing opportunity to listen to and understand our animals.

Are you ready to really talk to your pet so you can bond or help them? Contact me today to schedule a Pet Communication or Healing session.

Reiki & Emotional Healing

Having personally struggled with life-altering health conditions, I understand what this does to a person’s confidence, career, lifestyle, and relationships - including the inner struggles of one’s soul. I believe there are balanced approaches in healing that include, but are also more than, modern medicine, natural or homeopathic medicine and energetic medicine. Finding that sweet spot for you is the journey we can take together. As part of my energetic healing services with the Rife Machine and Reiki healing, I provide emotional healing techniques to help people overcome and release the negative and challenging emotions that are contributing to an illness.

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