• Delaina is a pleasure to work with as a healing practitioner! She is warm, incredibly knowledgeable, highly intuitive and an inspiration in her own right! She has had her own amazing healing journey and is quite adept at leading clients to perfect resources for their needs as well as providing insight and healing along the way!
    — Pati L. (Clinical Director, Rife Machine and Emotional Clearing Client)
  • I'm so impressed how Delaina explains my readings in a clear and concise manner. Her accuracy blows me away. She definitely has a gift.
    — Lisa L. (Counselor and Owner, Intuitive Coaching Client)
  • Delaina approached me about trying some healing methods for my PTSD and other long term injuries. She was insightful, intuitive and calm. She took her time and explained everything she was working with on me. Over several sessions I began to feel better emotionally, physically and spiritually. When she asked if she could do a reading for me, I went in with an open mind. She described how at peace with myself I felt. She also talked about another pet entering my life. I thought 'that's not happening.' However a month later, I had the opportunity to rescue a dog and did so with no reservation. I feel that Delaina is in tune with a person's emotional state, is supportive and has a unique gift that I cannot explain. I am grateful for her healing practice and her ability to help me along the way.
    — Mo C. (Defense Contractor, Former Military)
  • Delaina has been helping us with our 11-year-old dog for several months and we are so grateful. Our pet has both behavioral and medical health issues. We started with Animal Communication help for guidance regarding how our pet was feeling to help in our treatment decisions as we didn’t want to force too much on her, by making her feel worse. We used the Emotional Healing Technique to address behavioral concerns that occur while out on walks and she has shown gradual improvement. She is more comfortable and calmer when encountering other dogs on walks. Rife Treatments were started to address her behavior and medical health issues as well. The Rife treatments have complimented her care and there has been no progression of her condition. More importantly she has more energy and is happy, and enjoying life.
    — Cathy T. (Veterinarian)
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